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Head Shops

Have you ever heard of herbal incense? It's becoming more and more popular, yet much mystery still surrounds it. You might have questions for example, what is it? Will it actually work? Is it the same as herbal buds? You are able to can the answers to these and much more questions using a little research and visiting the right websites.

Head Shop Site

There are many different brands of incense that come in various aromas and strengths. Common aromas include strawberry, blueberry, mango, exotic blend and much more. These varying brands and blends are available in your local head shop an internet-based. Expect to pay retail prices at stores while better deals are available online.

Most forms of herbal incense use innate ingredients for example Damiana Leaf, Mullein Leaf, Motherwort, Mugwort and Bay Bean Extract. Ingredients will vary depending on the blend and brand. They are used as a substrate and are chosen according to their pleasant aroma. Some brads of herbal incense will even place special ingredients in their blends to provide that relaxed feeling.

Head Shop Site

Herbal aromatherapy incense is not illegal plus some blends will work better than the others. It is usually packaged in 1, 3 or 5 gram packages and most are vacuum sealed for security and freshness. The local shop may make it, however it has an expensive price tag. More savvy incense shoppers can find excellent deals online. Buying herbal incense at your local shop will cost you $10 per gram or even more, while online shops usually charge about half of the list price.

One other good piece of advice is to experiment with a little order until you find one that you simply enjoy. Do not pay too much and try to find an online store that is located in the USA or perhaps your own country. Find out more about herbal blends and where to purchase them.

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